EnviousHost and TempleServers System Status Page

EnviousHost and TempleServers System Status Page

Information about TempleServers and EnviousHost systems operations.
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NYC connectivity issues Minecraft servers

There is a service interruption in our NYC location for Minecraft services, you may experience packet loss or full service disruption, this issue has been escalated with the DC and on-site networking engineers are looking into this.

Issue identified: The networking team has identified the issue and is working on restoring the service back to normal operations. (19:08 — Jun 20)

Monitoring: Fixes have been applied and we are now monitoring our services before we call it resolved (20:30 — Jun 29)

Resolved: We are no longer seeing connectivity issues, we are resolving this incident, however if you still have issues connecting to your service feel free to reach our support team (21:26 — Jun 29)




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